2001 Twin Lakes Bike Ride Pics
The webmaster and backup sag driver worked the night before at
K C's Halftime Lounge. She slept late on the day of the ride and missed the first stop in Manson. Too bad, because she could have diverted the hungry bikers from the other bar to K C's Halftime Lounge, where the riders would have found fresh, home-made cinnamon rolls the size of economy cars.
Finding nothing to eat at the other bar in Manson, the bikers pedaled to Lohrville. Not only was there nothing ready to eat at the appropriately named establishment, but the place was extremely understaffed. The webmaster lent her expertise at opening beer bottles and throwing money towards the cash register.
Hello??? Someone's bicycle shorts were ringing.
Mystery riders.
Stupid bar tricks. Shall we call David Letterman?
The Pelz girls prepare for their admission to 3 East.
The webmaster/bartender/assistant back-up sag driver gets accosted by a 3 East inmate.
Toni, former juvenile deliquent, greets the riders at the Amvets in Rockwell City. Looks like she is eating something, but she didn't share.
Regulars and riders (hopefully REGISTERED riders) at Amvets.
Free massages at Amvets!
How to get your face in close by Team Checker, part one.
Part two. Success!
He got to s#@&* my t#@ and all I got was this stupid tattoo!
It just got better and better for Team Checker as they made their marks.
Food at last! Thanks, Bob, for feeding us for your last time.

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